Granite Technology Solutions provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. We deliver quality services in the most efficient way, and our experts will work collaboratively with you to customize our offerings to your particular needs. Book a meeting with one of our consultants to hear more about how we can assist your operation.

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The Backbone of Your Network

Your low-voltage cable plant is the foundation of your network. A well-designed and professionally installed, tested, and labeled cable plant will result in higher performing and more reliable networks. We specialize in both copper and fiber optic networks. Whether your needs are 10/100, 1,000, or 10G or 40G networks, we can help you make it fast, reliable, and secure.

Granite's BISCI and manufacturer certified technicians will help you, your architect, and/or engineer design and implement the best possible cable plant including a 15-year or 25-year warranty. We are also happy to make changes to your existing cable plant as your business needs evolve.


Run Smoothly

We typically start with a face-to-face meeting with you and followup with a free assessment of your technology. We want to understand current issues, pain points, and goals for what you'd like to accomplish. Once we've agreed upon a plan, our highly skilled technicians focus on implementation and ongoing support.

We offer a variety of support packages including: "it's broke come fix it," regularly scheduled visits, managed services, and contractual agreements. We try to remain flexible, so that we can provide support services that meet your business' needs and budget. We provide both remote and onsite support services.​

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Peace of Mind

Surveillance cameras are a critical component in boosting your company’s overall safety and security. Granite Technology Solutions designs, implements and supports high quality business-grade surveillance camera systems that are reliable and work well in various lighting and distance situations. Our technicians will work with you to understand the areas and assets that you want to protect and we’ll design a system to meet those needs. Our IT and low-voltage cabling departments will professionally install the system, cameras and viewing options on your computers and smart devices and we’ll provide you with the training you need to feel comfortable managing the system.



Stay connected 

Business-grade telephone systems give your business the ability to put forth a professional presence when customers call your business. They also allow you to route and handle incoming and outgoing phone calls efficiently. Granite Technology Solutions will setup a demo to review system features and build the best solution for your business. 



Safety Matters

As a business owner, you need to keep your business secure during and after working hours. Granite Technology Solutions designs, implements and supports access control systems. Our technicians will meet with you to gain an understanding of the areas and levels of security you need and will design an arrangement to fit your specific needs. 

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