Prime PC Purchasing Time

It’s voting season! With that in mind, it’s likely one has had a lot on his mind about hot-button political issues. Though buying a computer may not be one of them, it’s the best time in the foreseeable future because of politics, among a few other things, to purchase one. Here’s why:

Tariffs. It’s a word that’s been thrown around a lot lately. Unfortunately, the tariffs the United States has placed on Chinese goods has caused a looming problem in the PC market. Due to these tariffs, prices are likely going to increase by upwards of 25% by the first of next year. Though the companies that import these goods are technically responsible for paying these tariffs, most of these companies will have to pass the price increases directly to the customer, as they simply don’t have the margins to eat the cost and not go into the red. Adding insult to injury is the fact that virtually all computer components are manufactured in China – regardless of quality, company, or price.

Fortunately, the price for RAM (or random-access memory, the high-speed memory that affects how snappy your computer is in most tasks) has come down considerably in the preceding months due to a recent price-fixing lawsuit. Though the tariff situation may cause this price drop to reverse, taking advantage now could abate much of this cost. Since the cost of any major component individually is never lost on a manufacturer of computers, you’ll likely see this price drop brought to your bottom line.

Finally, most manufacturers of computer components have recently brought out – or are about to bring out – new components, which means deep discounts on technology brought out only a few months to a year ago. Though perhaps not the newest of the new, the last generation of goods, in most cases, support the most recent standards and protocols that the newest of the new also support. In short, you may be losing a 10% increase in speed, but stand to save more in buying a slightly older component, making the performance-per-dollar higher.

While I’m not prognosticating here, I do foresee many manufacturers holding out as long as they can to bolster Black Friday sales, so there’s a good tentative deadline, assuming inventory is strong. If you’re unsure if you’ll need to upgrade in the next two to three years, or if you’re just getting in while the getting is good, shoot Granite an email, and we can help you navigate these choppy waters.

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