Microsoft is Dropping Windows 7 Support

Maybe you have heard this already, or maybe it’s news to you, but Microsoft will cease support of Windows 7 in January of 2020. Though this sounds scary, there are several reasons this transition will be smoother than you likely anticipated.

When a software manufacturer such as Microsoft stops supporting their products, it means a couple critical things. In this instance, support and security updates are no longer going to be offered. This means that, if you call Microsoft for support, they won’t be able to help you, and security updates will not be offered, so these may be concerns for stalwart users of 7.

What does that mean for an end-consumer like you? Well, it means that your computer is sort of stuck in time, and there’s nothing one can do about it outside of upgrading your operating system to the newest version (for Microsoft, that’s Windows 10).

Staying with Windows 7 may not be an option for you, depending on what it is you do with your computer. If you rely on software that gets yearly updates to function properly (QuickBooks, AutoCAD, etc.) then it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to Windows 10. If you use your computer mostly for storing photos, videos, music, and/or surfing the web, it isn’t as critical, but still isn’t ideal as you are at risk for unpatched security issues.

Initially, it may seem daunting, but upgrading to Windows 10 can be a relatively simple process, and we’re happy to upgrade you if you like. With our skilled technicians’ help, we’ll have you up and running smoothly. If you have any concerns about your business, give Granite a call, and we can help iron out the wrinkles between now and January of 2020.

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