Managed IT Services: Providing Stability for Your Business

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Granite Technology Solutions provides managed information technology services to boost your company’s overall performance and technology stability. Options include regular tune-ups to keep your systems running smoothly, systems monitoring that can find small IT issues before they become large hassles, and online backups that can prevent the loss of data if something happens to your physical systems.

Systems Monitoring: Granite uses the latest technology to look after your company’s Information Systems, leaving you free to focus on your business. We monitor the health and stability of your server and workstations to catch problems early, saving you hours of downtime and frustration. Systems monitoring available for only $100 per month for 1 server.

Computer Tune-Ups: Even the best computers become slower or a bit dusty over time. We can take that aged computer and turn it back to (almost) new. With a combination of tools, Granite will return speed and health to your machine. Call for pricing, quantity discounts are available.

Online Backups: We know your data is important, so protect it with automatic scheduled backups that notify you of their success. Your backup is encrypted and stored securely online.

  • 50 GB: $19.95 Per Month

  • 100 GB: $29.95 Per Month

  • 200 GB: $49.95 Per Month

  • 500 GB: $75.95 Per Month

  • 1000 GB: $99.95 Per Month

Weekly Backup Drive Rotation: Backup drive rotation can be performed for you on a weekly basis. We will change your physical backup drive and store the information offsite in a secure location. Available for $190 per month.

Application and Data Hosting: Granite owns, manages, monitors and supports a server for you. We provide the service for a monthly fee determined by the extent of your needs. The server is located in a secure and environmentally controlled location with reliable internet access and is dedicated to your application. Let us do the work of managing and monitoring your server for you.

Internet Security / Port Scanning: Granite uses several tools to discover open or filtered ports and then gauges the risk level to your system based on known vulnerabilities. Pricing varies by quantity.

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